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…with an all-inclusive website from Outward Image. We take care of everything — hosting, website design/production and all future editing — all for a low monthly fee!

A Website That Grows with Your Business or Organization

At Outward Image, we understand that a great website is never complete. Our website management plans are designed to help you get the most out of your site, by making it a breeze to add content, with the confidence it will get done professionally. This makes it possible to coordinate your site more easily with your social media activity. Adding fresh content on a regular basis is also the basis of any good SEO strategy. 

Website Management Made Simple

Website Management

Your website will be fully responsive to all formats, from desktop to tablet to mobile phone, ensuring your message is presented effectively.

Our website management plans are very simple. They all start with the basics, which include a brand new website, custom built and designed to your specifications. 

Plus, we do all of your content updates, up to 3 hours per month, which is plenty for most small businesses. Just email us your changes, along with any attached pics, pdfs, or docs. All of your edits will be made and files posted within one business day, all included at one low monthly rate with no setup fees.

Ecommerce Included

Our plan also includes ecommerce sites. At your direction, we will set up a fully functional ecommerce market place with a shopping cart, customer accounts, shipping and tax calculations, and accept payments. You will also be able to offer coupon codes, and put specific items on sale. These sites are totally managed for you, even the products, with a limit of 25 items. Beyond 25 items, you have the choice to pay additional per month if you want us to manage your products. However, you also have the option of managing your own items for no additional charge.

In this arrangement, we will still offer you full technical support in doing so, and we will continue to fully manage the rest of the site, to graphically announce sales and special event, edit any non-product content, or to simply decorate it for holidays, etc. 

But you will be responsible for creating and editing new products — similar to having an ebay or Etsy account. But way better, as you will not have to share you profits with anyone, except for the payment processors, of course. And the website will be your own — you will have full control from shipping options to the graphic appearance of your product listings. 

World Class Hosting

World-Class Hosting

All plans include state-of-the-art website hosting that includes free SSL and 30-day automatic backups. With our stable platform, we are able to guarantee uptime of 99.9%. And, with professional management from Outward Image, you can rest assured your site is secure.  

Budget Friendly Marketing

Budget Marketing

We also have many add-on services that will enhance your marketing/communication efforts, as well as discounted creative services that come with your subscription. See Additional Services for our monthly options, or Creative Services to see the member discounts.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Risk Pledge

There are no contracts to sign. You are not locked into any length of term — you can cancel at any time with no penalty. We will even refund your initial payment within 30 days if you are not totally satisfied.

Some Basic Plan Features

  • Website Hosting with SSL, 30-Day Backups and 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Free Content Posting and/or Editing*
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • SEO Friendly
  • Premium Form Package 
  • Interactive Slide Shows
  • Event Calendars
  • Customized Document List(s)
  • Contextual Photo Galleries
  • Abandoned Form Capture
  • Portfolios
  • Forms report to Google spreadsheets
  • Chronological News Posts
  • Sales Lead Forms
  • Forms for Booking, Quotes, Applications, etc.
  • Unlimited Content Pages
  • User Access Control for Sensitive Information
  • Newsletter integration
  • Payment Forms**
  • Ecommerce†
  • And much more…

*Includes 3 hours of editing time per month. **Does not include credit card processing fees, and requires a third-party payment processor, such as PayPal for Stripe. †Essential but basic ecommerce functionality, totally managed up to 25 products.

A Ton of Value!

A ton of service

The Basic Plan, including all of the above features, is only $49/month by subscription. This is a fantastic value, especially when you consider the amount of services you get.

Website Managment

A website that grows with your business!
$ 49
00 Monthly
  • Secure hosting with SSL and 30-day backups.
  • New website designed and built to your specifications.
  • Future content updates included.
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What our clients are saying:

Increased Functionality

For those functions that go beyond the basic website management plan, we have developed the following quote form to ascertain your technical requirements. Once received, we will examine your entries and return with a quote for a monthly subscription. The subscription will include the design and development of your new site, as well as ongoing maintenance. 

What specific functions do you need?

Check all that apply
Automatic Booking Feature

Booking Features

These are automatic features that can schedule and confirm things like salon appointments, hotel reservations, or event tickets, and are capable of processing payments. It also sends confirmation and reminder notices to the customer and business. These systems do vary quite a bit depending on the particular needs of your business, sol let us know what your business needs, and we will offer an affordable and sensible solution.

Ecommerce Website

Advanced Ecommerce

For those who need more than Ecommerce Lite (available in our basic plan), we provide full ecommerce solutions. We can manage many more products under these plans, as well as add more functionality when needed, like product add-ons, creative discounts, or restricted access to members only. Whatever your specific requirements, we would like to present an affordable, workable solution.

Restaurant Online Ordering

Online Ordering

This features are specifically designed to process restaurant carry-our or delivery orders. We will upload and maintain all of your menu items, including periodic specials and price changes. Specific needs vary between restaurants, so let us offer you an affordable solution to consider.

Marketing Services

For clients currently subscribed to our basic website management plan, the following marketing and communication services are available at the following prices:

Business Email

Business Email

Email addresses to your domain not only offer a more professional look. They evoke confidence by showing a commitment to the long-term — that your business is well-established. At Outward Image, they are also a great value at only $4/monthly. 

Read more about Business Email.

$ 4 Monthly per User
Social Media Posting Services

Social Media Posting

This service includes the posting of any item to one social media account, after it is posted to your website, whether it be a blog post, calendar event, etc. Ideally, the social media post will be a summary of the longer post and link back to the site for the full story. It will help promote your item, while also driving traffic to your site.

Read more about Social Media Posting.

$ 20 Monthly per Account
MailChimp and Constant Contact

Newsletter Design Service

Includes the creation of and transmission of one electronic newsletter per month, from your content, to a subscriber base. Requires a subscription to a third-party newsletter format, such as Constant Contact for a free MailChimp starter account.

Read more about Newsletter Design service.

$ 35 Monthly per Issue
Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads

This service includes the creation, or revision of a display ad for use on a social media account once per month. It is sized to your specifications and will be placed by the client to their own social medial account(s). 

$ 35  Monthly per Ad

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