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I cannot stress enough the importance of usine business email over free options like gmail or yahoo. So, to lay out my case, I have listed several reason why using custom email to your domain is the smart choice.

More Professional

There is simply no question that using an email address from your own domain looks and feels much more professional to your clients. Custom  email addresses tell your client base that you are serious about your business and your identity. You brand is NOT @gmail or @yahoo, so why should your email address reflect any other company than your own?

Improved Trustworthiness

Using a custom business email address improves trustworthiness as it prevents others from impersonating you through email. When you have an email like, it would be easy for some to impersonate you by using something similar-looking, like Would you notice the hyphen? Many people would not. Maintaining a custom email will help ensure that your clients can trust the communications they get from you.

Manage Multiple Channels

Most companies, even ones run by one or two people will need multiple email channels, like or, not to mention their own business emails. Doing this through free email acccounts like gmail is very difficult, and probably confusing for your clients. And unlike free email, and since it is your own domain, every possible user name under the sun is available to you.

Much Better Control

You have total control over who can access the email accounts under your own domain. This means that when an employee leaves, they can no longer send emails as a representative of your company. Once you change the password, they are locked out. And any email clients they were using to accept your company’s email will no longer function.

Improved Marketing

It’s just a simple fact that people will take any business more seriously if it has a custom busines email. Using a free email will make potential clients question your committment to your business, and to them. Using a free email makes your business look part-time, or worse, a money-making hobby. While having an email address at your own domain shows commitment and resolve to stay the course, building your brand and your business.

Employee Business Email

If your rely on your employees to communicate with your clients, then custom email to your domain is an absolute must. It allows them to communicate independently, while you have total control over the email account. It also ensures that clients can be confident in communications are coming from your company.

Better Security

Personal email accounts through free services are much more vulnerable to attack. This could compromise important business communications between you and your clients. Custom email is much easier to protect and monitor. You can control the online exposure of your business email much easier than you can with free email. This not only makes your email more secure, it also greatly reduces spam!

More Legitimate

Speaking of spam, it also reduces the chance that your emails will be marked as spam by your clients email provider. This is especially important as your company grows and has to handle more email volume. It is important that these communications reach their intended target easily and consistently.

Value for the Money

For all the benefits you get from custom email, the cost is very small. We only charge $4/month per user for email at Outward Image, which is lower than Google or Microsoft. Considering the drawbacks of the using free email, opting for business email is clearly a wise choice.

It’s Easy

Setting up business email is easy through Outward Image. If you have a website with us, we can set up all the addresses you need. We will also assist you in using your new emails account(s), as well as help you connect them to any email clients you prefer. The billing is easy to as it is simply added to your monthly subscription.

Custom Business Email Conclusion

So don’t wait to set up your business email, even if it is only for one address. You will present a much more consistent and professional image right out of the gate. It will also prevent problems later on when you finally realize you need custom business email, but your clients are already used to something else.