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It’s easier than ever to edit website content, as platforms and themes are now sophisticated enough to edit content with very little knowledge of html or css, while achieving very nice results. This trend will continue, of course, making it easier for website owners, or members of their staff to create and/or edit their own content.

However, it’s never been a perfect science, and site owners should expect to confront an obstacle or two as they try to edit and/or develop their site. This can be overcome by Google searches and the like, or if you subscribe to a service with technical support. So it’s not out of the question that you, or a member of your staff, will attain all of the skills necessary to achieve the results you are looking for. But it’s not a certainty, and more important, is it worth it?

Editing website content can be time consuming, frustrating and costly. Outward Image greatly simplifies this process, and at rates that don’t break the budget.   

The actual cost of running a website can be hard to quantify when you or members of your staff are doing it on a part-time basis. The answer to this question depends on how proficient they are, and how able they are at handling the unexpected challenges that always accompany website editing and development.

One thing is for certain, if your website is going to be used as an effective marketing tool, consistent time must be invested — by you, or someone else — in it’s editing and development. 

For this reason, it is advantageous to have a professional edit and continue the development of your site,  especially one familiar with the platform and theme of your site. This can be achieved in a very cost-effective manner by signing up for one our Managed Hosting plans. Included with these programs is a new website for your business, designed and built by us, at no charge.* And since we are so familiar with your site from actually building it, this ensures you get the best and most timely service possible, freeing up you and your staff to run your core business — saving you time, frustration and money. 

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*Includes all production time, the cost of one theme, and some stock artwork limited to our available resources. Custom artwork, or additional artwork beyond that scope will be charged additionally. Writing services are additional, though copy editing services are included, as long as the written content is being supplied by the client. Also additional will be any costs associated with premium plug-ins, or any other additional third-party services or software not already mentioned. It does not include the posting of actual products specific to ecommerce sites, other than the time allowed in your specific Managed Hosting plan, which commences upon the completion of the site, ready to upload live products.