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Ecommerce is bigger than ever, promising ever greater growth as online shopping becomes more popular. The internet offers a plethora of ecommerce options, from ebay, Amazon, and other services where you pay fees to share their online shopping platform. These can be convenient for many as they are not required to undertake the process of creating, or paying someone else to create and/or maintain a private ecommerce website. But there is certainly a place for both, all depending on your long-term goals.

While the idea of creating your own ecommerce website can be daunting at first, there are certainly advantages of owning your own presence on the internet. All of the branding is yours for starters, and all of the control — you set the rules. And while there are certainly expenses involved with running your own website, they pale in comparison to the monthly fees you pay to ebay and the like. And if you can negotiate ebays interface, you can certainly handle the fantastic ecommerce platforms out there today.

Outward Image will custom design and build a brand new ecommerce website for your business, at no charge,* with the purchase of a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Managed Hosting plan.

But of course, the reason these services are so popular is they have a huge share of the internet traffic that puts your items or products within the fingertips of millions of people. Thus, building your own presence online isn’t easy, but it can be done if the work is put in. And you can do both as well. With today’s technology, it is not that difficult to link your ebay account to a private site, or vice versa, automatically duplicating hundreds or thousands of listings between two platforms. This way, you can take advantage of the popularity of these shared ecommerce sites, while building your own presence with the customers you attract from these platforms.

On the other hand, you are an established retail business that has the need to get their products online, with enough established local customers that can be directed there quite easily. It’s simply amazing how fast this can be done these days, and less expensive than you probably think, all depending on the number of products that need to be uploaded, and who does them.

But of course, there are many other reasons and scenarios for starting an ecommerce website. Whatever the purpose, Outward Image is here to help you get that accomplished. Give us a call or fill in the quick form below with your questions, and we will reply promptly.

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*Includes all production time, the cost of one theme, and some stock artwork limited to our available resources. Custom artwork, or additional artwork beyond that scope will be charged additionally. Writing services are additional, though copy editing services are included, as long as the written content is being supplied by the client. Also additional will be any costs associated with premium plug-ins, or any other additional third-party services or software not already mentioned. It does not include the posting of actual products specific to ecommerce sites, other than the time allowed in your specific Managed Hosting plan, which commences upon the completion of the site, ready to upload live products.