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Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential communications tool for your business, as nothing works better for getting timely information to your customer base — keeping them informed of any promotions, announcements, upcoming events, or anything else that may interest your clients or customers.

This technology allows you to communicate to your customers at lightning speed, and at a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional mailings and printing charges. If these messages are sent out on regular basis, in a predictable way, your customers are more likely to see them, even to expect them. A newsletter, combined with announcements on social media, and your website itself, provide multiple, simultaneous platforms to get your message out.

Email integration, as well as design and production are all included with any of our premium Managed Hosting packages.

Strategies can be applied to attract more subscribers, and integration of the email list to your website is key. You can give something small away for every subscription, or even make a contest out of it and draw the names of every subscriber to win a bigger prize. But these are just a couple examples — the main point is that some strategy needs to be in place to attract subscribers. Once you have a steady stream of subscribers, your newsletter will start having a real impact.

Outward Image can help you every step of the way, as newsletter production is included as part of content management services if you sign up for one of our Managed Hosting packages. This means for a low monthly or yearly flat rate, you can plan regular email communications to your customers. It’s simply a matter of sending us the rough content of your message, and we will handle all the technical details of getting it attractively produced and sent to the subscriber list. And we’ll update your website as well to reflect the news.

Furthermore, email marketing integration is included on any new website, with a purchase of one of our Managed Hosting packages. So you will be ready to go on day one to building a subscriber list and sending our regular marketing emails.

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