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Email newsletter design is easier than you think. With Outward Image newsletter service, it’s as easy as sending us your raw content — we will do the rest. And, if you are unsure if newsletter marketing is right for you, read on to see what advantages it can bring to your business or organization.

Email Newsletters Drive Sales

Email newsletters are the most effective way to drive sales online. With around 90% of all U.S. consumers using email on daily basis, it is the most effective way to get your product or service in front of your customers. There is also strong evidence that newsletters are more effective once they are actually seen, compared to ads seen on social media, for instance.

Newsletters are most often sent to consumers who have at least some familiarity with your business. They either have some interest in the product or service, or they are already customers. Either way, a newsletter audience is usually receptive to your message, which is another reason why email newslettes are so effective.

Connecting with your audience

Email newsletters are a fantastic way of communicating regularly with your customers. While many people complain about spam, the fact is that most people like to receive some commercial email. That is especially true if it is from a business that they like, and have found useful in the past.

People often welcome such emails, as they may offer something useful or new. It can be a new product, service, or just good advice on a relevant matter. Whatever the case, you know your own clients the best. Think about them, and what they need, and show them how you can meet that need. Simply put, there is no better instrument for doing that than an email newsletter.

Increase your Internet Presence

Newsletters can be used for other purposes besides selling products or services. They can also be use to drive traffic to your social media page, or to your own website. An appeal can be made to “like” or “follow” any account, giving customers another way to see your latest news or offerings. Sometime, you may want to lead them back to your site for a survey form, or to provide them more information, a video, etc. Either way, the newsletter can be used to lead the user to another destination. And most often, the destination will have a call to action of some kind, either to buy now, or to fill out a survey or quote form to generate a sales lead.

As for building a mailing list, this can be fairly easy if you can provide an incentive for doing so. This can be a percentage discount on their next purchase, or an even be a drawing where the winner gets something for free. Whatever the case, offering an incentive is guaranteed to build your list faster.

Share your brand story

Along with advertising products or services, newsletters can be used to tell your story. You can share customer stories as well, and how they have benefitted from your company. Employee profiles can show your customers the people behind the product, and behind the scenes. Stories like this add depth to your business, and they show your customers what you stand for. In other words, they add a human element to your business that your client’s can relate to.

These things are all necessary to help you develop your brand’s identity, and customer loyalty. Simply put, nothing does this better than email newsletters.

Starting a Newsletter is Easy

Staring a newsletter is easy, especially if you use Outward Image to produce it for you. We will help you create a free email newsletter account that will belong to you and your company. Then, we will provide a newsletter design with a masthead, based on your branding images and colors.

When you want us to produce a campaign, you simply send us the text and images, and we will design and produce the newsletter for you. We will send test emails only to you, and will send it out to your audience only when you are completely happy with it.

Newsletter design service can be added to your account for only $20/month for one campaign per month. It’s a great way to try out email marketing, without investing much money at all.

It’s Up to You

Well, there you go, several reasons why email marketing is such a great way to grow your brand and increase sales. And why Outward Image is such a great value for providing newsletter design services.