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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of a website management plan vs. getting a traditional website quote?

At Outward Image, we realize that a website is never really done. So, our low priced plans are designed to offer the services necessary, in an ongoing manner, that will ensure your site grows with your business. Our sites don’t carry the high up-front costs that most website agencies charge, either, so it doesn’t cost much at all to get started. 

What if I simply don’t like the site designed by Outward Image?

If you we can’t make you happy with your new site within 30 days of signup, you can simply cancel the plan and receive a full refund of any and all payments made.

Who provides the content for the new site, the client, or Outward Image?

Technically both of us, but the client provides the main substantive content, while Outward Image can provide professional stock imagery, as well as creative design elements, including a simple logo if needed or desired. Outward Image can also edit your copy and/or enhance your own images as well. 

Who initiates content changes/additions to my website?

The client always initiates content changes/additions to their own website. Once contact us through our support email, we will carry out the changes within one business day, and notify you when they are completed. 

Besides changes/additions to the content, what other maintenance duties does Outward Image perform. 

Outward Image maintains all the various software elements within your site, including updates to the main platform, theme and all additional plug-ins. We also intervene when necessary to resolve conflicts or unexpected results from those updates. This maintenance goes on largely in the background. We will notify you of any necessary changes that have a direct impact on the look or function of the site. 

What if my site goes down or gets hacked?

Notify us immediately in the case you notice your site is down, or defaced in some other way. We will act promptly to either correct the situation, if possible, or perform a full restoration of your site from the daily backups stored from the previous 30 days. 

What measures does Outward Image take to prevent hacking attacks?

We take every pre-caution we can to make sure your site never goes down to a hacking attack. Along with providing a free SSL encryption certificate to every site we host, we also provide automatic 30-day backups, meaning that in the worst possible scenario, your site can still be restored very quickly. We, or course, take many other precautions including but not limited to: strong passwords, limiting log-in attempts, hiding the log-in page, and two-factor authentication.

Do I have to go through Outward Image, or can I purchase my own domain name?

You can purchase your own domain if you wish, and we encourage you to do so. We simply offer to register a domain name on your behalf, as a convenience, usually to expedite the site launch. We prefer, however, that you retain ownership of your own domain. So we typically transfer the domain back to the business owner at their earliest convenience. It is very easy to do, especially if you have gmail account. Here is a longer explanation of why you should retain your own domain name. 

What if I am happy with my site, but I want to start making my own changes/additions?

That’s fine with us. After 18 full monthly payments on any of our website management plans, we can change your plan to our D-I-Y plan for only $19/month. This includes all of the great hosting services and support we provide, without the editing services.