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Managed Hosting

Managed hosting encompasses all aspects of your website, from domain management, to the hosting server itself, backups, routine backend maintenance, and management of web security infrastructure. With managed hosting, everything is taken care of under one roof, with a manager dedicated to making sure your site is safe, secure, and well maintained.

And while most honest managed hosting plans will provide the fore mentioned services, a premium plan will also include content management, which is critical.

Outward Image provides affordable plans that do just that. And unlike most content management plans, we offer newsletter integration, design and production as part of our premium managed hosting packages. This turn your content management plan into an effective marketing tool, designed to be used on a consistent basis. 

Computer Hosting Servers

Managed Hosting Basics

With managed hosting from Outward Image, you can rest easy that your website is given the attention it deserves. We provide you with a state-of-the-art server environment, located right here in Michigan. Along with that, we cover your SSL certificate, we protect your site from malicious attacks, and maintain 30-day backups for the ultimate in site security. Our Basic Managed Hosting package also includes regular platform and/or plug-in updates to keep your website and it’s various functions up-to-date and secure — and unlimited email addresses to your website domain.† 

Managed Hosting Basics


Billed Annually

Premium Managed Hosting

Add Content Management to the Basic Managed Hosting package at discount rates. Content management plans are customized to meet your individual needs. Say you only need a monthly newsletter with appropriate site updates once a month — the Bronze Plan suit you just fine. Twice a month, then the Silver Plan should work. The Gold Plan can have you sending out notices weekly. Or none at all, maybe you just need all of your time devoted to the website itself. It’s all totally up to you. 

The prices below represent rates that are near or below 50% of our standard hourly rate, so you save big time by pre-buying the time you will need this year. By including your marketing newsletter as part of the content management package, we ensure that you will have plenty of opportunity to use our services to market your business. If you go past your allotted time in any month, your additional charges are still discounted, depending on the plan. 

Includes a New Website*

Wth great rates, a fantastic hosting package, and newsletter production included, these content management packages are a great deal. But what really puts it over the top is that it includes a new website. That’s right, custom designed website is included with each of the packages below, at no charge.* You simply buy the plan for the year, and we will build you a site to your specifications. The terms of your plan will not be begin until the site is officially done as agreed. 

Bronze Plan

 New Custom-Designed Website*

• Managed Hosting Basics

Up To 2.5 hrs CM per month




Silver Plan

 New Custom-Designed Website*

• Managed Hosting Basics

Up To 5 hrs CM per month




Gold Plan

 New Custom-Designed Website*

• Managed Hosting Basics

Up To 10 hrs CM per month




Managed Hosting Basics includes: Hosting Server, SSL, Security Package, 30-day Backups, Domain Name, Unlimited Email Addresses,† plus routine platform and plugin updates. 

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*Includes all production time, the cost of one theme, and some stock artwork limited to our available resources. Custom artwork, or additional artwork beyond that scope will be charged additionally. Writing services are additional, though copy editing services are included, as long as the written content is being supplied by the client. Also additional will be any costs associated with premium plug-ins, or any other additional third-party services or software not already mentioned. It does not include the posting of actual products specific to ecommerce sites, other than the time allowed in your specific Managed Hosting plan, which commence upon the completion of the site, ready to upload live products.

†Outward Image is supplying the email addresses only, with no implied storage capacity. The email owner is obligated to collect and store their emails through client software to their own system, or some equivalent system, and is considerred the ultimate caretaker of that information. Storing emails on the host server is subject to a charge of $4.95 per month for each registered email address.