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Our Philosphy — Start with a Strategy

Our philosophy is pretty simple — start with a strategy, especially if you wish to use your website to attract or retain customers. Too many small business owners publish a new website with no real plan for using it on a regular basis. While a website that displays your basic info and services has it’s place, it gets old pretty quick. There needs to be a reason for visitors to come back. 

For some businesses, putting up regular content is easy — as they may have weekly or monthly specials that they can post regularly. For other businesses, adding new content is not as easy as this. For people who run service businesses — who don’t really run “specials” — a blog may be a better choice for their website, as the can pass on some wisdom from their years of experience in their field. 

Of course, blogs do not have to be long, though-out articles. If you can come up with a picture and a couple short paragraphs once a week or month, you can run a blog. Some companies have an employee of the month program, which can easily be converted to a blog. You can also feature clients, favorite projects, or anything you can think of that pertains to your business. 

Our Business Model

We designed our website management plans around the idea that every site should publish new content on a regular basis. Instead of charging large fees up front to develop a site, our plan relies on a very small monthly subscription fee that includes all editing services. That way, you save tons up front for a new site, and you also have us to add new, or change content whenever you need it.

But before we get started, we will always talk to you about strategy first. Any good website will be designed around a specific purpose. By discussing this beforehand, we can nail down some specific area(s) where we can plan to add new content on a regular basis. This will enhance the presence of your business on the internet, especially if it is maintained over time. And that is exactly why are business is based on a subscription model, to give you that time to build your site steadily over time.

This approach allows the site to be more easily, and affordably integrated into your other marketing efforts, as we can help you coordinate marketing programs between your site and other platforms, and advise you on the marketing options available to your business.

We also feel any good relationship should be risk-free. That is why we don’t operate on contracts. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, you can simply walk away, no questions asked. And since there are no up-front fees, there really isn’t much to lose. This allows us to earn your trust over time as well. 

Handling Your Content

When we receive your content — and before we publish it to your site — we optimize it, and enhance it if we can. This could mean brightening photos, or correcting grammatical and spelling errors in your text. It also means adding emphasis within the design of your site in the areas you believe are most important for your business or organization. So while we do not create the content for you, we do our best to present your content in a well-design, professional manner. And we will always improve it where we can, or where we must. But, of course, the client always has the final say, we merely recommend. 

Jeffrey Kolakowski

Jeffrey Kolakowski
Outward Image Design

Jeff has close to thirty years in the business of graphic design, advertising, and marketing. His experience ranges from small graphic design firms to large advertising agencies. He has the graphic design experience to build stunning websites, with the production and writing skills to present his client’s content in the best possible way.