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Social Media Posts are used effectively by many businesses and organizations to maintain contact with their customer base or membership. These posts are effective because the viewer of your message is already following your social media account, so they will see it within their personal feed. Of course, to get these benefits for free, you will need to attract the audience by enticing people to follow your social media account.

If you are fortunate enough to already have a large following, perhaps there are ways to maximize the impact you can have with it. A regular program of enticing messages, like special offers or promotions, can keep your audience tuned in what you are currently up to. Having a large social media audience is like being able to advertise for free, as it costs nothing to post anything you want.

If you don’t have a large following, or no following at all, there are ways to build one. It will take some time, and there usually is some promotion costs in doing so. Strategies for doing this will vary widely between different types of businesses, but will most likely involve some promotional expenses.

Of course, any social media post can be turned into a paid advertisement as well, that may attract new customers. These type of posts will show up in feeds of people that may show a general interest to your particular product or service, but not you or your company specifically.

Coordinating your Social Media Posts

Sometimes the message on social media is enough. But most likely, you want to broadcast the same message on your website. Even better, your website can contain even more detailed information you cannot easily present on a social media post. Or, perhaps a way to order whatever it is you are selling. Coordinating your social media accounts with your website is also a way to generate more traffic, which can help the search engine ranking of your site. Any way you slice it, it is always a good idea to coordinate your social media with your website.

Fortunately, Outward Image makes this task easy for our customers. Any client that has our web management service, can add Social Media Posts to their account for only $20 more a month, per account. What this means is, that every time you contact support to make a change to your website — from a change of hours to a new special promotion — we will design and post a relevant message to your social media account. We will even include a free stock image with every post, that we can use on your website as well, maintaining a consistent look across different platforms.

We can help you plan and implement your social media marketing strategy.

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